Mode of Personal was established in 2016.

Mode of Personal aims to creative a new leather era, 

its own luggage brand  Mode of personal, 

has its own research and development, production, marketing system.

With advanced operation and management system, 

leading marketing concept, and dedicated team spirit, 

it has gradually become the leather of the industry.

Now, there are many partners in the United State, Britain, Russia, 

Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other Southeast Asia 

as well as European and American countries.





Classical weave

Traditional classic woven combined with modern pop elements


Manifold weave

Colorful / Manifold / Fashion / Luxurious


Fine work

Strict selection of materials / Fine cut


Great customer service

We are Customer Oriented let everything be art



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Classical weave    |    Manifold weave    |    Fine work    |   Great customer service

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